Image of production hall with employees processing chicken products

Production process

We keep the production process simple and efficient at J. van de Kraats Kipspecialiteiten. You can find out about our production process below.

Production workers cutting fillets at conveyor belt

Cutting off the fillet

Our chicken comes in already slaughtered and plucked. Our experts cut off the chicken fillets straight away using professional techniques and equipment to preserve the quality and tenderness of the meat.


Calibrating the chicken

To ensure consistent quality, we measure and check the weight and plumpness of each chicken using advanced technology. During this process we match our chicken products to your requirements, whether this relates to plumpness, portioning or specific weights.



After the chickens are processed, they are carefully packaged. Our packaging process ensures that the chicken is protected from contamination and extends its shelf life. We take your requirements into account when packaging our chicken products. We offer various packaging solutions, including vacuum packaging, which ensures a longer shelf life and preserves flavour and freshness, and bulk packaging for larger orders. The chicken is also packaged in cleaned hygienic crates, which are cleaned in-house to meet our strict hygiene standards.



To extend the shelf life, we freeze our chicken products quickly using modern methods.

J. van de Kraats company van next to a truck


Our carefully packaged and frozen chicken products go straight to catering wholesalers, supermarkets, poulterers and producers of chicken products using our own distribution. We arrange this ourselves, so we can guarantee reliable delivery times and high-quality chicken.

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